How to Get a Replacement Car Key without the Original

Losing your car key can be an annoying occurrence, even under the least stressful of circumstances. You won’t be able to start your car or truck and get around without it. The aggravation is compounded if you don’t have the original key for a replacement to be made.

There are ways to get a replacement key, even if you’ve hopelessly lost the key, or the coded key you have is not functioning. The right locksmith would have your new key ready with minimal interruption to your daily routine. A keyless entry fob may take longer for an automotive professional to program.

A locksmith, dealership, or technician specializing in automotive keys replacement in Flowood, MS, will want some essential information from you to create a copy without the original. Knowing what to do will minimize your inconvenience.

Call a Locksmith

The first call to make is to a locksmith, particularly if you own an older vehicle that uses a mechanical key to start. A locksmith with experience in car key replacement in Flowood, MS, can save you money when compared to getting a dealership to make the copy. Many locksmiths are on call after normal business hours, which is good information for you to know if it is late and your only key goes missing.

Know Your Key

There are many versions of vehicles on the road today, so it helps to be aware of what kind of key starts your vehicle. The information will be useful when having it replaced without the original, especially if the key or keyless entry fob has complex security features. For example, your key may contain a laser-etched chip that requires programming for a copy. Some locksmiths can produce digitally programmed replacement keys, but may not be able to reproduce the code on the chip.

This knowledge also helps you decide how the replacement is created. In some cases that involve newer vehicles, the replacement key or keyless entry fob can be programmed only at a dealership, which can be costly.

Hand passing over car key

Vehicle Information

The most important information you will need to get a replacement key created is your car or truck’s vehicle identification number, or VIN. This is necessary information that tells the locksmith, dealership, or technician of automotive keys replacement in Flowood, MS, the corresponding make and model information needed to make a new key.

The VIN is relatively easy to locate. It is typically found on the dashboard or the engine bay. If you are having trouble locating it, check your insurance card or the title document for the number. Even a repair invoice will list the VIN to provide the locksmith or technician to make the replacement key.

Let Pros Do It

The loss of a key can be frustrating to any car owner. Some replacement keyless entry fobs for modern vehicle cost little to purchase online, and online tutorials can even teach you to program some keys yourself. But when it comes to having a replacement key made, especially if the original is unavailable, it is best left to the professionals for security and peace of mind.

The locksmith, dealership, or professional technician who does car key replacement in Flowood, MS, can make a replacement key for your vehicle without the original. It is essential to provide as much information about the original key and your vehicle’s make and model through the VIN to ensure that the replacement is made with little delay.

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