Top Locksmith Service in Jackson, MS

The locksmith industry has existed for a long time and has evolved. It is thought to have originated around 4,000 years ago in Babylon and Egypt. If you are having difficulty opening a locked safe or have misplaced the key to your lock, you could hire a locksmith to break the lock or safe. Pro-Solutions Locksmith Company provides the most affordable residential and commercial locksmith services.

In Jackson, MS, our reliable locksmith services cover vehicles, homes, and commercial establishments. We offer our customers a quick and dependable emergency locksmith service. We can open locked doors safely and easily. Our advanced keyless entry systems keep your home secure. Pro-Solutions Locksmith Company can also perform repairs or rekey any lock. All of the services that our company provides are listed below.


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Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

We use quality locks and supplies from well-known brands like Kwikset, Ace, Schlage, Sentry, and Master at Pro-Solutions Locksmith Company. If you lose your keys or your lock malfunctions at any time, you should contact a professional residential locksmith for assistance.

We have a great track record of responding quickly and providing residents with fast, immediate service in all of our service areas. The following are some of the most common residential locksmith services we provide in Jackson, MS:

  • New Lock Installation

We provide professional services for installing new security locks in your home or business to help you keep your home secure. Pro-Solutions Locksmith Services will drill the holes so that they perfectly align with the vertical alignment of the door and frame.

  • Extraction of Broken Keys

It is a common occurrence for keys to break inside the lock. Our capable technicians are well equipped to handle such scenarios and secure your business.

  • Installing a Master Key System

A master key system can help simplify key control in homes or businesses with multiple doors and occupants. Each authorized resident or employee has a master key that allows them easy access to all areas of the building.

  • Duplicating or Replacing Keys

Replacing your lock with an identical new one is a simple fix that usually takes only a few minutes. Our locksmiths are experts at creating exact duplicate keys for you and other residents in your home.

  • Fix Malfunctioning Locks and Doors

Strong storms and unauthorized entry may cause damage to your doors and locks. If you’re concerned about the longevity and security of your doors and locks, give us a call and we’ll fix them all.

  • Rekeying

If your key is old and ineffective, we may be able to solve your problem without completely replacing the lock. Our Jackson, MS locksmiths provide the option of rekeying your locks. The cylinders of a lock are rekeyed so that the original keys are no longer functional.

  • High-Security Locks and Keyless Entry Systems

It may take a little longer to upgrade or switch to a different locking system, but the extra time spent ensuring that your doors lock securely is well worth it. They make it more difficult for people who aren’t supposed to be there to get in when installed by a trained professional.

Automotive Locksmith Service In Jackson, MS

If you lock yourself out of your car in Jackson, MS, or the surrounding areas, there is no need to panic. To have your locked doors unlocked, simply contact Pro-Solutions. We provide the following car locksmith services:

  • Car Key Copying

Being trapped in some places can be extremely dangerous. Our mobile locksmith service can come to you anywhere in Jackson, MS, and the surrounding areas to make a duplicate of your car key so you can get back into your car and get on with your day as soon as possible.

  • Car Key Programming

We program key fobs, remote heads, and transponder keys for a variety of vehicle makes and models, including foreign and domestic vehicles.

Are You Looking for Locksmith Services in Jackson, MS? Welcome to Pro Solutions Locksmith Company

We at Pro Solutions Locksmith Company understand that not all locksmith emergencies occur during normal business hours. The majority of lockouts seem to occur in the early morning hours. Because we provide locksmith services around the clock, you can count on Pro Solutions Locksmith Company to be there for you whenever you need us.

For residents of Jackson, MS, and the surrounding area, Pro Solutions Locksmith Company offers the best and most affordable services to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients and create long-term relationships.

Because of their extensive training, our professional locksmiths can help you open nearly any door. Call us at 601-985-9285, and we’ll be there to provide you with our professional locksmith services. To obtain any of our emergency locksmith services, please visit our Brandon, MS 39047 location.